Tips for first home buyers

Buying your first home can seem scary but there is a lot of good information around. I was lucky enough to have some of my clients share their experience with buying their first home.

Some of the better tips which came out of the live session

Auctions Рits a good idea to have a max budget and bid confidently. Your return bids should be fast right to your limit so that others do not know when you are getting close to the limit. Going to a few auctions is a good way to get familiar with the process.

Figure out which things you are happy to compromise on, the first home is always a stepping stone. In the long run you do not have to time the market either, if you are buying to live in over the long term. I have never had a buyer complain about the purchase price of a house they bought ten years ago.

Look at the potential of a house, you can gain real value by tidying things up a bit.