3 hot tips from the refix lady


Sashi Patel – refix lady at mortgagesonline.co.nz

1. Always have a target, know whats a fair rate and push for it. Since we are doing quite a few of these, we have a fair idea of what the competition will offer a client. If you want to haggle direct, online forums and facebook groups are a great place to gauge what is a hot rate.

2. Get a competing quote, lenders have an easier time getting you what is fair, if they are aware that there is a competing offer on the table. Usually the person giving you the quote is talking to another department (pricing) and they tend to genuinely want to secure the deal.

3. Use a service like us. We have an easy, free service. All the major banks look after us for looking after you.

When did you join mortgagesonline.co.nz?

After working for the bank for thirty years I thought it was time to join my son in his business.

What do you love about your work?

For Fifteen of those years I was managing branches and it is really nice to still deal with some of my ex staff in the industry, some of who I trained.

Why do people deal with you?

I am passionate about getting a fair deal for every client, big or small. I think of a refix rate, as if it was for my own loan.

Sashi Patel the refix lady is available on 09 625 4693 or sashi@monline.co.nz