Property Investor thoughts on 2018

Property investing in 2018 will be interesting. We are lucky to have two unique property investors join us to share their thoughts.

When: This Thursday – 1st of Feb 2018, 7pm – 7.20pm

Where: Facebook Live – simply like our facebook page to be notified and or find us on the day

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Gary Lin


Gary started investing in Auckland in 2010, grew from one property with $200k equity, to now 14 properties worth more than $10 million dollars. He has featured in the media several times and has helped coach other investors. He recently started his renovation business Grande Lusso Renovations. Loves to use renovations to make an investment better.




Lisa Taylor



Lisa Taylor started investing at the age of 29 and has multiple properties. Loves to buy and hold mainly in Auckland but has a few in South Taranaki. Also uses renovations to improve investments.