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Whats the difference between a fixed or floating mortgage? Its important to understand some of the key differences between a fixed and floating home loan. Remember you can split your mortgage: into different loan products, so fixed or floating into different fixed terms, for example a chunk for 2 years and a chunk for 4

What does a bank look at?

Banks assess your mortgage application using a common set of criteria. You can improve your chances of a successful application by learning the basics of those criteria. Our presentation will explain things you should know before applying, answer questions such as 'how much can I borrow?' and give advice on maintaining a good relationship with your bank.

Your mortgage is probably the biggest debt you will ever have and the accumulated interest cost over your lifetime is huge – in the hundreds of thousands. Naturally, you’ll be keen to reduce or repay the debt as soon as possible. Fortunately, with a little bit of work, you can have a big impact on

Getting the right amount of your mortgage fixed will determine how flexible the terms of your repayment will be. Deciding how much to fix has a lot to do with; Any expected lump sums you might want to pay off in the coming years Your new budget in terms of income and outgoings with the

Interest rates are important but I would point out that this is one of the areas where banks differ very little, especially after a bit of negotiating. A lot of differences are usually hidden in the interaction after you have taken the loan. This is when things can really start to cost more in terms

Getting a commercial loan can be much more complex compared to a housing loan. As we have experience with commercial lending, we can ensure that your deal looks as strong as possible before it is presented to the lender. We can also coordinate and talk freely with your accountant and/or business broker, smoothing out any

Currently we have several options available to clients who have a deposit of just 10%. There are some requirements, but jumping into the market can be worthwhile for most people who meet them. Some additional requirements: 5% of the deposit has to be genuine personal savings or if it is from the sale of an

Getting a mortgage when you are self employed can be made easier if you understand some of the things the banks look for. The income piece of your application requires a little attention and usually by someone who understands self employment. Here are some of the things we consider when putting together an attractive home