Get two houses from one

Get two houses from one

Some of our astute investors have paid little from their own pockets to buy a second and third property. Using equity as a deposit for another home. More »

Tips on reducing your mortgage interest costs and term

Tips on reducing your mortgage interest costs and term

If you are planning to sell your house or expect to pay off large chunks of your mortgage, a fixed term may not be the best way of structuring your entire mortgage amount. More »

How long to fix for?

How long to fix for?

Fixing the right amount of your mortgage is important now to ensure you avoid paying break fees in the future More »

Tips for buying an investment

Tips for buying an investment

Kesh Maharaj gave up his large six figure salary at a multinational corporation seven years ago and focused on building up his property portfolio. He now has a multi million dollar 30+ property portfolio. More »



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  • Lending up for first home buyers?

    Lending tracking up for first home buyers? Well moderately over the past four years. The investor market has probably had the biggest impact in

  • Investing in property to retire

    Opes Partners share some of their thoughts on property investing for retirement.

    For an Auckland home owner with a $1,000,000 home and a $500,000 mortgage,

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  • Reducing your term

    Any additional payments you make towards your home loan reduces the interest costs substantially. Pretty much all the mainstream banks in NZ calculate your interest

  • Own more of your home quicker

    If your mortgage seems to dropping at the rate of a sunset at the North Pole, read on. Don’t get me wrong a sunset

What we do for you

Mortgage Brokers

Our existing clients think highly of our mortgage broking services because we do more than just assisting in getting a mortgage approved and negotiating a sharp interest rate. We offer invaluable advice about the process of buying a home or refinancing.
We ensure our clients understand how the different home loan products work and how they can be used to achieve savings in long term interest costs. We have built strong relationships with all major banks, giving our clients a wide range of options.

Meet our team

Hamish Patel Hamish

With more than 10 years experience as a Mortgage Broker, Hamish believes it’s important to understand the long term costs of having a mortgage. He works with many banks and lenders to bring a good overview of the various mortgage products in the current market for our clients.

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Gail ChomchoeiGail

A calm approach can mean that the right outcome. Gail has a Diploma in fitness and Bachelor in Business. Her attention to detail has helped a few of our clients bridge between one home to another. She is also a fitness instructor which helps in keeping the team fit.

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Saane Sika Saane

19 looong years at the bank has given Saane a special something. She seems to make things so nice and easy. Being so friendly and positive has meant she has some great relationships with the banks.

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Kirit Patel Kirit

Our senior lender with over 40 years banking experience under his belt. Able to massage a deal to get the most positive outcome. Kirit works with our larger cases ensuring that our client’s position is reflected in the best light and relationships are formed with credible bank managers.

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