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Our existing clients think highly of our mortgage broking services because we do more than just assisting in getting a mortgage approved and negotiating a sharp interest rate. We offer invaluable advice about the process of buying a home or refinancing.

We ensure our clients understand how the different home loan products work and how they can be used to achieve savings in long term interest costs. We have built strong relationships with all major banks, giving our clients a wide range of options.

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Meet our team

Hamish Patel

With more than 10 years experience as a Mortgage Broker, Hamish believes it's important to understand the long term costs of having a mortgage. He works with many banks and lenders to bring a good overview of the various mortgage products in the current market for our clients.

Kirit Patel

Our senior lender with over 40 years banking experience under his belt. Able to massage a deal to get the most positive outcome. Kirit works with our larger cases ensuring that our client's position is reflected in the best light and relationships are formed with credible bank managers.

Sashi Patel

With more than 30 years experience in banking roles mainly in management positions, Sashi has a good understanding of bank products. Sashi is a great believer in being there for our mortgage and life insurance clients over the long term, providing great after sales care.

Vijay Singh

Focused on delivering prompt and effective insurance solutions for home owners. Vijay is a registered financial advisor who is available outside normal business hours. He works hard to ensure our clients have options when unforeseen circumstances make mortgage repayments a challenge.

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Buying a Home

We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right options for a mortgage.

Finance for Business

With many years of experience with commercial lending, we can ensure that your proposal looks strong before it is presented to lenders.

Find out more about commercial loans.

Protect yourself with Insurance

If the worst has not yet befallen you, now is a good time to get insurance. You can get protection against loss of income, disability, sickness and many other misfortunes.

Find out how we can help with insurance.

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